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New Found Discovery

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     Achondroplasia has had docuented cases since the early 1900s but it wasnt until 1994 that Dr.John Wasmuth discovered that the FGFR3 gene was responsible for this disorder and Huntingtons disease. Dr. Wasmuth received a doctorate from Purdue Universitysoon after join the Orange County University's faculty where he worked his way to the top.

      He was a biochemist and his team of researchers discovered many helpful thing in the medical world. If discoveries were gold he'd be building a gold house. He was the director National Human Genome Center at the university. Wasmuth's dicoveries also include the discovery of the genetic abnormality that causes Spinal Muscular Atrophy also making it possibe to be pre-screened for the disease.

     Wasmuth was a kind man who just wanted to make a difference. His friends and family were shocked at his sudden death when he collapsed in his home. Dr. Wasmuth did make a difference and he leaves a list of acomplishments starting with him beeing the first in his family to go to college.He has been greatly missed since his January death in 1996. He was 49.

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