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Famous Achondroplasians

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     Many famous reality shows revolve around little people. I think this finally shows people that Achondroplasia is not a plague or a contagious life threatning disease but a normal everyday struggle. Just because you're little doesn't mean you cant live a normal life and shows like "Little People Big World" and "The Little Couple" Prove that. Not to mention stars like Verne Troyer and Warkwick Davis prove you can be anyone in Hollywood.


The Little People Big world follows a dwarf couple and their twins

 ( 1 normal sized and one dwarf),normal size daughter,

and normal size son on their farm.

They live a normal life with just a few

added struggles.





The Little couple follows Bill and Jen as they face newlywed challenges. Jen is an neonatoligist at Texas Childrens Hospital                                        



Verne Troyer best known as the infamous Mini Me clone of Dr. Evil.

Other movies include Bubble Boy and Men in Black.

     Warwick Davis best known as Harry Potter's charm's proffesor

Filius Flitwick is an achondroplasia affected actor.

Him and his wife and 2 children live in London and are all achondroplasia affected.

Other roles include The Leprochaun, a wookie, and Ray.                            




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