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Krucina What is the history behind Asthma 2

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In ancient egypt there were signs of asthma in mummified bodies' lungs. There was also a doctor of ancient egypt that had written over 700 remedies for people to gather, heat up on bricks and inhale the fumes. Along with the Ancient Egyptians, the Chinese were inhaling the fumes of herbs with ephedrine in them.


In Greek during the times of Homer and even Hippocrates the professional clinicians used the greek verb "aazein" in there writings, which is the Greek verb for wheezing, or breathing with ones mouth open in deep raspy breaths.


A 12th century rabbi, physician, and philosopher, used the remedy of soup from chickens or fat hens to cure asthma symptoms.


In the 16th century a Belguim physician named Jaen Baptiste noted that asthma had something to do with the pipes in the lungs. Then in the 17th century Italien physician,  Bernardino Ramazinni, made the connection that organic dust causes asthma symptoms.


The 1800's didn't include a lot of medical text on Asthma, but 5 asthma sufferers created one case report.


In 1901 bronchodilaters were finally put to use.


In the early 20th Century people suggested that the disorder was consider psychosamatic, but doctors refused to beleive it and started their research. In the 1960's the inflammatory symptoms of the bronchial tube was finally recognized and anti-inflammatory medications were added to the ways to treat asthma.



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