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krucina how does dyslexia effect a certan group of people or race 3

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  how does dyslexia effect a certan group of people or race[1]

  • Scientists estimate that between 4% and 7% of the worlds population are dyslexic. 
  • Dyslexia affects males and females and people from all kinds of ethnic groups
  • Dyslexia affects all kinds of people regardless of intelligence, race or social status. 
  • Dyslexia is found in every country in the world. 
  • If the person with dyslexia dosent get any help, it often results in low self-esteem.
  •  No connection has been found between the cases of dyslexia and nationality, income, ethnicity, race, or intelegance.
  • Experts are beginning to question whether it is more common among boys than girls.



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Katelynn Fulbright said

at 7:32 am on Mar 15, 2010

ive learnes that dyslexia is not so common among boys and girls.

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