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Krucina How many people are affected by depression 2

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How many people are affected by depression?


-9.5% of adults are affected by depression.it is the most

common in the destructive illness in the US.


How many teens Commite suicide because of depression?

-3,000 teens kill them self's a year because of depression or peer pressure.


what are the age groups for depression?

-ages 15-24 because these are the ages where most of the change happened for example you are just starting high school or moving into a big transition and you are starting college.



  • 1 in every 6 kids think of suicide every year
  • by the end of the year 9% of the children in a high school have attempted to commite suicide
  • 80% of boys are more likley to commite suicide
  • girls are twice as likely as boys
Reasons Why Most people commite suicide?
  • family history with suicide

  • Exposure to violence

  • Impulsively

  • Agressive behavior

  • Access to firarm

  • Substance abuse


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