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XYY Supermale Syndrome Controversy 3

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 Controversy & The Great Debate


There are many arguements for and against the theory of the 'criminal disease'. There are many arguements such as the one by Lois Magner, and Alice Theilgaard. There viewpoints and portions of their beliefs can be found at this link: XYY Debate.

Some say that the extra Y Chromosome only puts a man in the situation to be more stressed and have more difficulties in society. Others believe that that argument is incorrect and that it the best studies state that the extra Y makes the men more aggressive.



Flaws in these Studies?

     Some people believe that the studies done by researchers and psychologists were/ and still are flawed. The studies were based on mental institutions and jails-where, obviously you would find abnormally aggressive people, and criminals. The studies usually were not done on a normal population of people. Studies have been performed by criminal behaviorists, psychologists, and several other type of researchers.[1]





Controversy Video:



  1. "Are XYY males more prone to aggressive behavior than XY males?." Science Clarified. Vol. 1. 2009. Web. .

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