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Sickle Cell Genetics3

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        The hemoglobin variant formed from HBB is called Hb S.  This is what causes valine to replace glutamic acid in the HBB polypeptide chain. Chromosome 11 is where the mutation for Sickle Cell Disease takes place.  The HBB gene is the mutation, it causes the gene to produce beta globin instead of hemoglobin.  It is located in the 15.5 region of chromosome 11.  HBB is 146 amino acids long and weighs 15,867 Da.

      For Sickle Cell Disease to spread a person must have Hs B.  Carriers have normal HBB gene and one copy of Hb S.[1]













Ally Gatmaitan and Alex Schwent



  1. Bownas, Jennifer. "HBB:The Gene Associated with Sickle Cell Anemia." Gene Gateway-Exploring Genes and Genetic Disorders. 12 Sep 2003. US Department of Energy, Web. 29 Oct 2009. .

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