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Diagnosis of Prader-Willi Syndrome

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Diagnosis Of Prader-Willi Syndrome


     DNA testing is used to determine whether or not a child has PWS. There are many warning signs that are used to determine if a child should be tested. Some of these signs can even be detected before the child is born, while in the womb.  The following signs are used to determine if a child should be tested:


  • Neonatal or childhood Hypotonia (muscle weakness)
  • Poor suck from birth to 6-years-old
  • Feeding problems during infancy
  • Facial features (described in Characteristics)
  • Global developmental problems
  • Excessive eating and hunger and/or excessive weight gain resulting from it
  • Obession with food
  • Mild mental retardation
  • Behavioral problems (usually outbursts of anger; temper problems) [1]


[Prader-Willi Syndrome 3]


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