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Treatments Sickle Cell3

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Treatments for Sickle Cell Disease

Living With Sickle Cell Disease


The best way to treat Sickle Cell Disease is to take daily anitbiotics to prevent infection. Also immunizations are also very important. Another option would to get frequent blood transfusions to lower the risk of stroke and help some other issues that may occur. Another key componenet is the schedule regular checkups to make sure everything is being treated properly. [1]


Living With It

People with Sickle Cell Disease live into their forties or fifties with proper heath care. Normally speaking, people with this disease can still live very productive lives. With Sickle Cell Disease it is very important to keep up with medical procedures, learn to cope with pain, and just adopt and maintain an overall heathly lifestyle.[2]





Ally Gatmaitan and Alex Schwent



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Sara Adams said

at 6:25 pm on Nov 3, 2009

thats unfortunate that they only live into their 40's and 50's with treatment. do you know how long they live without proper health care?

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