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Breast Cancer Risk Factors 3

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 Risk Factors 


  1. Age-The risk of developing breast cancer significantly increases as people age. About 17% of women diagnosed with breast cancer are in their 40's and about 78% are age 50 or older. 

                      Breast Cancer Frequency by Age 

                    -4 out of 1,000 women in their 30's

                    -15 out of 1,000 women in their 40's          

                    -26 out of 1,000 women in their 50's

                    -37 out of 1,000 women in their 60's


     2. Genetic Factors-Women are more likey to be diagnosed with breast cancer if...


               -They have 2 or more relatives with breast cancer.

               -They have relatives with both breast an ovarian cancer.

               -They have a relative under the age of 50 diagnosed with breast cancer.

               -They have a male relative with breast cancer.

               -They have family history and/or Ashkenazi Jewish heritage.


     3. Race-White women are more likely to develop breast cancer than black women. But, black women are more likely to have more aggressive tumors, which cause them to have higher death rates. Asian, Hispanic, and Native-Americans have a much lower risk of dying from, and developing the disease.



     4. Previous Radiation to Chest Area-Having frequent x-rays as children or young adults, increases a woman's chance of developing breast cancer. Studies have shown this to increase the risk 12 times the normal rate. However, this varies with the age of the patient. Younger patients have a much higher risk. The risk seems to be the highest when the radiation was given during breast development(adolescence).


     5. Menstral Periods-Women who begin their periods before age 12 have a much higher risk of developing breast cancer.


     6. Diethylstilbestrol(DES)-DES was a drug given to women in the 1940's through the 1960's to prevent miscarriages. womn who took this drug when they were pregnant have a higher risk of developing breast cancer.




Other Risk Factors You May Have Control Over....


  • Alcohol


  • Not having children


  • Breast Feeding/Pregnancy


  • Oral Contraceptives


  • Obiesity


  • Physical Activity [2]


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Comments (4)

rryoung@... said

at 9:21 am on Oct 29, 2009

You've got a lot of good information on this page...remember to cite where it came from. Add some picture or video to add visual interest.

Isabel Wenk said

at 11:57 am on Nov 1, 2009

It really frightening to see what increase your risk of breast cancer and that your risk also depend on your race. I like that you added a lot of statistics and numbers so you can compare it to others genetic diseases. But I don't really see that it's a genetic disorder? Because there is no chromosome which is responsible for breast cancer. You may include facts about cell division.

Matthew Riggen said

at 10:18 am on Nov 4, 2009

It is really surprising that there are so many risk factors from so many things.

William Etienne said

at 10:32 am on Nov 4, 2009

The facts are very interesting to read. Even though I personally am not at a high risk for breast cancer, I still enjoy hear your numerous detailed facts... an example would be if the person is of Ashkenazi Jewish culture, they are at a greater risk. Thats intersting to know!

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