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Treatment of Cri du Chat Syndrome

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      Treatment for Cri du Chat syndrome is limited. Because gene therapy is still new and cannot treat large abnormalities, there is at present no known cure for cri du chat.


     However, the symptoms can be treated. Various physical therapies and educational strategies have been shown to work in Cri du Chat.


     Speech Therapy


     Speech and language therapies are vital if the child is to overcome their defiencies. Various systems of communication have been devised, including Matakon, an ingenious blend of sign language and spoken language. Using these early systems, the child's language aquisition will improve. Curiously, the comprehension skills of Cri du Chat patients are often much stronger than their speaking abilities.




     If a young adult or adult Cri du Chat patient has not acquired sufficient speaking skills, they may benefit from a speaking device.




     Because Cri du Chat patients often have poor coordination, physical therapy can greatly improve both mobility and quality of life. The majority of patients walk between 2 and 6 years of age.                     


     Occupational Therapy


     Occupational therapy teaches Cri du Chat patients how to navigate their world. It teaches them things essential to independent life, like how to work a sink or flush.





     Behavioral Therapy


    Because of the aforementioned gap between poor language skills and adequate comprehension skills, Cri du Chat children can become extremely frustrated and thus manifest behavior issues. They can also be hypersensitive to noise and touch. Treatment for this hypersensitivity is accomplished by giving the child a degree of power over the stimulus; for example clapping someone else's hands.




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