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Hemophilia B 3

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Hemophilia B


Hemophilia B is a version of Hemophilia. This version is also called Christmas Disease, and it is named after the first person to be diagnosed with this particular type of Hemophilia. This version is quite rare usually only 1 out of 10 people that have hemophilia have this type of the disease. It is characterized by a lack of the growth Factor IX in the blood.[1]


Category Amount of Clotting Factor
Mild Hemophilia 5-30 percent of normal clotting factor
Moderate Hemophilia 1-5 percent of clotting factor
Severe Hemophilia Less that 1 percent of clotting factor


 * Normal Humans use 100% of their clotting factor IX 



Photograph of a Clot


By: Tina Le and Callie Meece 

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