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NF Effects

Page history last edited by Sarah Lorenz 14 years, 1 month ago

Main Effects of Neurofibromatosis


People with neurofibromatosis can be affected in many ways. There is a high chance that if someone inherits this disorder, they will have learning disabilities. At least 50 percent of people with NF have a learning disability of some type. NF can cause increased chances of developing epilepsy(a seizure disorder). Tumors can grow wherever a nerve is present. They may be found in very visible places or places under the skin that can cause serious medical issues. The threatening tumors may require removal for the patients saftey. [1]


Specifics to NF1[2]

  • Learn how to walk or talk late 
  • Low performance in school
  • Few social skills
  • Short stature
  • Speech impairments










                                                          Specifics to NF2[4]

  • Spinal tumors                 
  • Hearing loss/deafness    
  • Cataracts at a young age
  • Balance problems          








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Comments (1)

Matthew Riggen said

at 10:15 am on Nov 5, 2009

It's interesting to note that NF not only produces tumors, but could also cause short stature, cataracts, balance issues, and retardation. Really shows that genetics is a tricky science because the tumor gene is connected to the speech gene, and so on.

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