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Achondroplasia Prognosis 3

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The prognosis for most people with achondroplasia is very good. In general, they have minimal medical problems, normal IQ, and most achieve success and have a long life regardless of their stature. The most serious medical barriers to an excellent prognosis are the neurologic complications that can arise in achondroplasia. Spinal cord compression is thought to increase the risk for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrom) to 7.5% in infants with achondroplasia and can lead to life-long complications such as paralysis if untreated. Obesity can increase the risk for heart disease and some studies have revealed an increased risk of unexplained death in the patients 40's and 50's.[1]

Successful social adaptation plays an important role in the success and happiness of an individual with achondroplasia. It is important that the career and life choices of an individual with achondroplasia are not limited by preconceived ideas about their abilities.
















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