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Treatments                                               [1]                                              Laser Hair Removal Before and After. What are you waiting for?


Cosmetic treatments                                                                                                                                                                                                             


     As of now, the current common cosmetic treatments available are shaving, plucking, epilation, chemical depilation, electrolysis and laser application.


Shaving: The simplest treatment is shaving but almost most tedious since to retain the cosmetic appearance shaving has to be done frequently. By shaving almost daily, the risk of getting pseudofolliculitis is possible.


Plucking: Plucking is only suitable for small areas because it can produce disorders such as, erythema, pigmentation, folliculitis, and scarring. Plucking can produce a more attractive appearance but is slow and painful.


Epilation: Or waxing, is glorified plucking where large numbers of hairs are uprooted at one go. The area is covered with low melting wax, allowed to solidify and then slowly pulled off plucking the hairs sticking out. The effect of the treatment lasts longer for about a month but the treatment itself is painful. Also, breaking of anagen hairs may cause folliculitis.


Depilation: Chemical depilatories are mostly variants of thioglycolates used for perming hair and work in the same way to reduce the hair mass to a soft jelly. they are easy to use and produce amazing results that can last for more than two weeks.


Laser Hair Removal: These systems are currently used for long-term hair removal. One of the more common side effects associated with laser hair removal is discoloration and/or scarring of the skin in the treated area. Laser hair removal can also cause other skin discomforts such as swelling, redness, and sometimes even a burning sensation. In most cases, however, the latter are only temporary situations.[2]



To see a video of a hypertrichosis patient receiving laser hair removal click here




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