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Breast Cancer Support 2

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     For women and men who have breast cancer there are many available resources for support through the tears and triumphs of battling breast cancer. It is important to communicate with others about the process and show support for one another.


WebMD has a "Freind to Friend" message board where people who have or have had breast cancer can communicate with one another and share their stories, thoughts, and feelings. Click here to share your story or read others thoughts on breast cancer.



 "Help for Today...Hope for Tomorrow." [1]


The National Breast Cancer Foundation has come up with a website that is full of help and support for women battling breast cancer. They have set up groups and discussions for breast cancer help. This community has been set up to guide women through the long, difficult process of the personal battle or battle of a loved one. Women are able to create a profile and talk to others. Click here to visit this website.



Other websits to visit for help and support:



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