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Top 5 Facts About Autism

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Autism Eckert


Top 5 Facts About Autism Are....


Asperser Syndrome is a High Functioning Form of Autism Asperser syndrome (AS) Autism have speech delays People with AS are generally very bright and verbal Significant social deficits Geek Syndrome People with autism are different from one another some people with autism are chatty others are silent many may have sensory issues gastrointestinal problems sleep difficulties and/or other medical problems social-communication delays" There are DOZENS of treatments for autism-but no "cure as far as medical science is aware at present there is no CURE for autism but people with autism do improve some more than others they perceive information different than most people receive many different treatments certain treatments will be more successful than others People don't GROW out of Autism is a life long diagnosis symptoms may decrease radically learn copying skills may just have more of a autistic lifestyle Autistic people are less Materialistic far less concerned with outward appearance they worry less don't care about name brands, or hairstyles. [1]



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