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Top five lists

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 Your Top Five Favorites    


Sometimes it is interesting to take a look at what you might think are your favorite books.  It seems that this list is constantly changing though -- I know my favorite book is always the last one that I read.  What about you?


Leonorlouise Burgett's Top 5 FAVES!!! That you should really read!!!


1. The Choice by Nicholas Sparks

2. Freedom Writers by Eric Gwin

3. At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks

4.  Apt Pupil by Stephen King

5. To Kill a Mockingbird  by Harper Lee


Leonor -- Why is The Choice your favorite?  What do you like about Nicholas Sparks books? -- Mrs. Y



Odalys Miranda's Top 5 Faves!!!!! You must read 1 book on my list or I will come and get you!!!!


 1. Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer ( Eclipse is the best of them all!!)  (Twilight was the best! -- Mrs. Y)             

 2. Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson ( Its not as good as the Twilight series but it is Reeeeeaaallllyyyy close!!!)  (I haven't read any of these except for Lake House (which wasn't really part of the series but started the whole thing).  What do you like about them?  -- Mrs. Y)                             

 3. Blue is for Nightmare by Laury Faria Stolarz

 4. The Song of the Lionness Series by Tamora Pierce

 5. Silver is For Secrets by Laury Faria Stolarz



 I love this banana!:):)


 (really?  I find it a little annoying...now if it were a dancing book it would be completely different! -- Mrs. Y)



Mrs. Young's Top 5 (as of 4-8-08)

1. A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

2. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

3. The Dark Tower series by Stephen King

4. Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson

5. The Plain Truth by Jodi Piccoult


Jocelyn's Top 5

1.Twilight Series

2. Deadline

3. Harry Potter (Deathly Hallows)

4. 1984

5. Uglies series



Mrs. Young's Top 5 Horror Books  (maybe this should really be my favorite Stephen King books?  I do like a good scare!)

1. It by Stephen King

2. Salem's Lot by Stephen King (LET ME IN........) (That was mean -- that really scares me!! -- Mrs. Y)

3. The Shining by Stephen King

4. The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub

5. Christine by Stephen King


Video of Stephen King discussing what it takes to be a good writer (it's a You Tube vid, so you may not be able to see it at school):







Have you seen Library Thing yet? You can look at others top lists there.  Find someone with similar tastes to your own and see what they recommend.





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Avon High School

Avon, Indiana

Created April 6, 2008

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