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Things to do at Coffee Talk

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Things to Do at Coffee Talk Meetings


Our last meeting is Thursday, May 22-- what should we do?


The whole redo the book cover thing didn't work out so well -- why not?  Please give me some feedback.  Were the books bad or didn't you give them a chance? :)




Please feel free to add to this list.  I've left space below each idea for you to provide feedback.


  • Read the same book for our last meeting in May.  We could read A Thousand Splendid Suns or The Book Thief and discuss it.  What do you think?  Would you be willing to buy the book?



  • Make a commercial for Coffee Talk to be aired next year.  We need to get more people involved - do you think a commercial would help? (It worked for the reading contest.)



  • Encourage people to get on this page!! Tell all of your friends about it and ask them if they like it or not. that way we can make some improvements. 



  • Go on a field trip...Barnes and Noble?  Or have them come and visit us?



  • In May, the Avon-Washington Township public librarian will be coming to talk with us about the summer reading program.  Can you make it?  Are you interested in this


  • Every one make a summarized cartoon of their favorite book.  (I like this idea -- what would we do with the finished products?  -- Mrs. Y)


  • Have a end of the year party. with prizes. Have printed invitations.  (This sounds like fun -- make certain you bring more details to the meeting this week!  -- Mrs. Y)










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Created by Mrs. R. Young, Library Media Specialist

Avon High School

Avon, Indiana

Created April 6, 2008

Last Updated April 13, 2008


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