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The Story of Ted

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...not really


Here's the deal... Ted isn't really a key player in the game of genetic engineering.  As of 2003, the top three contestents are soybeans, corn, and cotton in the United States (as you can see from the graph below).  This is because of the backbone these plants provide for our economy.  For example, soybeans are used in such things like oil, flour, soyburgers, and even crayons.  The same goes for corn and cotton.  Mass producing these along with inserting growth hormones tremendously benefits our economy.  On the contrary, mass producing bananas are only good for grocery stores. 




With all the advancements in technology, the United States is the leader of the number of acres set aside for genetically altered crops.  Compared to the rest of the world the United States, as of 2005, attributes to 87% of the world's supply of genetically altered agriculture which comes up to a grand total of 101.3 million acres of United States soil.  The table below shows the top 18 world wide producers of transgenic crops as well as their main crop(s) and how much land is used.  As you can see, the United States is ahead by a landslide.





Table 2.

Global Status of Commercialized Transgenic Crops. 2005.

Rank Area Area (mil. Acre) Crop
1 USA 123.006 soybean, maize (corn), cotton,
canola, squash, papaya
2 Argentina 42.237 soybean, maize, cotton
3 Brazil 23.218 soybean
4 Canada 14.326 canola, maize, soybean
5 China 8.2 cotton
6 Paraguay 4.4 soybean
7 India 3.2 cotton
8 So. Africa 1.2 maize, soybean, cotton
9 Uruguay 0.7 soybean, maize, cotton
10 Australia 0.7 cotton
11 Mexico 0..2 cotton, soybean
12 Romania 0.2 soybean
13 Philippines 0..2 maize
14 Spain 0.2 maize
15 Colombia <0.2 cotton
16 Iran <0.2 rice
17 Honduras <0.2 maize
18 Portugal <0.2 maize

chart came from:  http://www.attra.org/attra-pub/geneticeng.html






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