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The First Seminole War of 1818

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At War with the Seminoles


As the 1800's dawned, many runaway slaves joined the Seminole Indians in Florida. White settlers not only wanted their slaves back, but also wanted the lands claimed by the Indians. Run-ins with white settlers escalated in the late 1810's, and in 1817, the first of three wars began between the whites and the Indians. General Andrew Jackson, future president, invaded Spanish Florida, defeated the Seminoles, and took the land for the United States. 


In 1830, the government attempted to relocate the Seminole to Oklahoma, causing yet another war. The US captured Seminole leader Osceola, ending the second war. By the end of the third and final war between the US and the Seminoles, there were only 200 to 300 Seminoles living in Florida, hidden away in the swamps.




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