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Putting Ourselves at Risk

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Putting Ourselves at Risk
            Through inefficient use of energy, humans also affect themselves negatively. In fact, extreme changes within the last ten years have brought concerns to the population. Specifically, 1998 has been labeled as the hottest year in a millennium! 1998 brought more refugees from natural disasters and a bad agricultural year that it totaled a 58% out of all refugees. For example, in October of that same year, Hurricane Mitch caused extremely dangerous landslides throughout Honduras that killed so many people.

            Back in August of 2003, France experienced its worst heat wave. That month, nearly 15,000 people suffered and died of various heat illnesses.





            Other Major Natural Disasters and Issues
·        Boxing Day Tsunami (2004)
·        Hurricane Katrina (2005)
·        Record heat in Europe and Asia (2006)
·        Greek Wildfires (2007)
·        Wildfires in Western U.S.


Note: Yes, the Greek wildfires (shown above) were started by humans.  However, it is noted that damage wouldn't have been so great if the area didn't have bad forest management and if the are wasn't so dry.                                                              

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