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Period 2 Pages

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Genetic Disorder Names

Chelsea Johnson


Jessica Hall 

Breast Cancer

Amanda Lengerich


Emely Richardson

Alzheimer's Disease

Macy Plummer


Candace Boone

William's Syndrome

Katy Snyder

Hannah Jenkins

Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria

Cara Maher

Mariah Jones

Huntington's Disease

Emily Mason

Jamie Milligan


Leigh Anderson

Alex Gregory

ALD (Adrenoleukodystrophy)

Emily Buis

Alex Burgan

Angelman Syndrome Period 2

Joe Wells

Clinton Blose 

Wilson Disease 

Saumya Nagar

Aaron Nehamkin 

Turner's Syndrome 

Audra Cokain

Kyle Gooding

Gaucher's Syndrome  Michael Burns 

Kiran Bassi

Cheryl Twyman 

Marfan Syndrome  Cole Brandt/ Brad Vivace




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