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Muir, John

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April 21, 1838 -- December 24,1914




Personal Information



John Muir was born on April 21, 1838 in Dunbar, Scotland to Daniel Muir and Ann Gilrye. He emigrated to the United States in 1949 and started a farm called Fountain Lake Farm in Portage Wisconsin. He attended the University of Winsconsin-Madison for several years but did not graduate; instead he walked a thousand miles from Indiana to Florida to discover nature.  From 1866 to 1867 he worked as an industrial engineer in Indianapolis until he decided to continue his quest to discover more about nature.  He wanted to go to South America but a bad case of malaria ended his trip in San Francisco, Carlifornia by March 1868. He went to see the Yosemite Valley which made him love nature even more. 




Muir decided to stay in the Yosemite Valley when offered a job by Pat Delaney  to accompany and watch over his sheep and shepherd. and how its ecosystem functioned.  During Muir's time there he developed a water-powered to cut wind-felled trees





Historical/Political Impact on American History


John Muir was known as an environmentalist, naturalist, explorer, writer, inventor, engineer and geologist. Due to Muir love for nature and the Yosemite Valley he became a very vigorous preservationist.  He continued to travel around the country but returned to California after he got married to Louisa Wanda Strentzel 1880. Between the years of Muir's marriage and two kids he did not have time for enviromentalism but his love for nature did not fade away.  He finally convinced Robert Underwood Johnson the associate editor of Century Magazine to use his influence to introduce a bill to Congress that would make the Yosemite Valley into a National Park.  Congress passed the bill on September 30, 1890 and continued on to help form the Sierra Club on May 28, 1892.






Lasting Impact


John Muir helped to establish other National Parks like the Grand Canyon,  Sequoia, Petrified Forest and Mount Rainier and is now known as the Father of Our National Park System.  The John Muir Trust was created in his honor and helps to guard wildlife and wild land similarly to the Sierra Club which Muir created himself.  John Muir along with the Yosemite Valley is now featured on the California state quarter.





Relation to Specific President


John Muir also spread awareness to the fact that nature needed to be preserved and his books.  In 1901 when Muir published Our National Parks,  he caught the attention of Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt. Roosevelt visted Muir in 1903 at Yosemite.  





Relation to Others on list


John Muir was later written about in the book Our Foreign-Born citizens along with John James Audubon, Andrew Carnegie, Alexander Graham Bell, Samuel Gompers e.t.c.  Both Muir and Gompers are honorees for The Extra Mile--Points of Light Volunteer Pathways.                                                                     

                            http://www.extramile.us/images/honorees/medallion_gompers.gif                       http://www.extramile.us/images/honorees/medallion_muir.gif







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at 7:11 am on Apr 7, 2008

I like the way your page is organized. The horizontal lines you used helped to make the page easier to read. I also liked all of the pictures you used, because they helped to visualize what you were talking about. I didn't like how on his name, you made it have a pink background. I think it looks random, and would look better if it wasn't there...

Anonymous said

at 7:18 am on Apr 7, 2008

Before reading this, I had no idea who John Muir was. He should be recognized more often for his accomplishments with national parks. You had many useful, practical links that allowed me to further my knowledge of this great American character.

Anonymous said

at 7:11 am on Apr 10, 2008

I thought this page was very interesting. I had no idea John Muir helped create many of our national parks. All of your links worked and the information was good.

Anonymous said

at 7:32 am on Apr 10, 2008

John Muir was a very interesting person . I would never walk from Indiana to Florida. I like how he started national parks, you did a great job.

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