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Historical and Political Impact

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www.fauzia.biz/images/american-flag.gifHistorical & Political Impact www.fauzia.biz/images/american-flag.gif





Fort Sumter Union Flag

http://www.gettysburgflag.com/Historical_3.p    ~Farragut had a huge historical



and political impact because of the role he played in


the Civil War. Because of Farragut, a southerner who


decided to fight for the north, the south didn't stand a


chance of winning.




~On August 5, 1864, Farragut's fleet of ships attacked


Mobile Bay, the last Confederate stronghold in New







Because of the Union victory at Mobile Bay, the Union


was able to capture the Tennessee, the Confederate's






~In 1866, Farragut became the first person in United


States Naval History to be awarded with the rank of






~In 1868, Farragut was asked to run for president, but


declined, saying that a political life wasn't the life for




For more information on the Union during the Civil War


For more information on the Confederacy during the Civil War 



Battle of Mobile Bay and the capture of the Tennessee




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