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Helpful Hints

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Helpful Hints


If you aren't certain of how to do something, you've come to the right place!  Feel free to add and edit as needed.



To insert a picture -- click on Images and Files on the right side.  Upload your image, then add it to your page.


To create a link -- highlight the words you want to contain the link.  Click on Link on the toolbar above.  Put in the URL and the text you would like to have.


To link to a new wiki page -- Create the new page first.  Highlight the words you want to contain the link.  Click on the Insert a link to a new page on the right of the screen.  Click on the page that you want to link to.


To cite your source in MLA format --  Go to www.bibme.org and create a citation.  Copy the citation.

Go to the place that needs to be cited, click on Insert Plugin, Teaching Tools, then Footnote.  Paste the citation into the box and click on Preview, then OK.  Save the page and your source will be cited.


To change the look of your wiki, you can change the source code (in the edit mode, look on the toolbar at the top). 

A site with


helpful source code

more helpful source code

background color codes


To add a video-- click on insert plugin, highlight video and either click on upload a video or YouTube video. You need to copy the embed part of the YouTube video into the text box if you click on the YouTube video option.

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