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Dawes, Charles

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Charles Dawes


"American diplomacy is easy on the brain but hell on the feet."






(August 27, 1865 - April 23, 1951)








Impact on American History





Lasting Impression




Presidential Relations




Relations Historically



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Date created: 3/27/08



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Comments (3)

Anonymous said

at 2:27 pm on Apr 1, 2008

Nice picture.

Anonymous said

at 7:22 am on Apr 11, 2008

I liked how you put the motto/quote over his picture on the main page. Overall I think this was a very good wiki page, and I liked how you made each of the categories a seperate page so we would know what we were looking at. Some of charts were very good, but other pictures would not come up.

Anonymous said

at 7:28 am on Apr 11, 2008

Your organizational format was very interesting, I haven't seen anyone do that yet. You included good information and pictures. You definitely fulfilled the requirements for a presidential link and link to toher prominent individuals. Overall, good work!

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