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Alexander Mitchell Palmer as Attorney General

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    In March of 1919 Wilson selected Palmer to become the United States Attorney General, even though World War I had already ended, the Bolshevik Revolution in the country of Russia was creating a political panic in the Western part of Europe and the United States. United States leaders believed that “Aliens” were scheming to overthrow the government, because the communist revolution meant world revolution.


    So to begin a campaign against this horrid event, Palmer utilized the Espionage Act of 1917, and the Alien and Sedition Act of 1918, to go in opposition to this threat that everyone thought was coming. Palmer ended up deporting Emma Goldman an anarchist, and many other radicals these acts were just precedents to what he could do.  January 2, 1920,  can be known as the Palmer Raids under Palmers orders in thirty- three cities federal agents grouped up six thousand people that were alleged in rebellious activities. These agents ended up going into homes, searching them without warrants, holding people for several hours with no precise charge, and the people could not have legal guidance. That was all just the beginning to Palmers way of doing things, in the end hundreds of “Aliens” were shipped across the ocean. Palmers procedures were a “Red Scare” in anti-Communism in which he ignored peoples civil liberties and in seer pursuit of getting rid of supposed rebellious activities. Alexander hardily fortified his raids even when faced with much protest from the people of America.


Video about Emma Goldman and Anachists


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 Video Interview of Emma Goldman When she Came back to America for Ninty Days


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