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Adams, Sam

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(September 27, 1722-October 2, 1803)





Personal Life



      Samuel Adams was born in Boston, Massachusetts in fall 1722. His father, Samuel Adams Sr., was a Boston brewer and a part time politician. Sam’s parents sent him to Harvard College, and he graduated from Harvard in 1740. Samuel became a tax-collector for the town of Boston after graduation. He married Mary Elizabeth Checkley and had five children. Only two of their five children survived childhood, Samuel and Hannah. In 1764 Mary died, and in 1771 Sam remarried a young woman named Elizabeth Wells. 




Radical Political Life




            Samuel Adams began his political life by joining the Caucus Club.  Samuel’s father helped found the Club, which was a political organization for working men.  It soon became a center for the radical leaders against British Rulers.   Adams also took part in writing radical articles for the New England Press, and primarily Boston Gazette.  Most of the editorials were in support of an American Revolution.  He wrote these articles under pseudonyms.  Over the span of time he wrote these editorials Adams ended up using seventeen different pseudonyms.


            In 1765 Samuel Adams’s radical ideas were put into action through the Sons of Liberty, also called the Liberty Boys.  The Sons of Liberty was mainly composed of laboring classes.  It was successfully kept as a secret society.  While in the Sons of Liberty, Adams headed demonstrations leading to the Boston Massacre of 1770.  He also was a director in the Boston Tea Party on December 17, 1773, which was in opposition to the import tax.  These two events were the two major acts of the Liberty boys in the 1770s.


 Boston Tea Party

 The Boston Tea Party




Later Political Life



After the American Revolution was concluded, Samuel Adams slowed down his radical lifestyle.  However, Adams still was a prominent political leader of the time.  On September 5, 1774, Samuel Adams was a delegate in the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia.  In the Continental Congress, Adams was able to work closely with his cousin John Adams, who was married to Abigail Adams.  At the Congress, Adams advocated the idea of republicanism.  After the Congress on August 2, 1776, he, along with fifty-five others, signed the Declaration of Independence.  Samuel Adams was elected Governor of Massachusetts.  He served as governor from 1794-1797, when he decided to retire to his home life.  


Signers of the Declaration of Independence



Lasting Impact


        To this day, Samuel Adams is one of the prominent individuals in American history. He has left his mark on our country with his political ideals and radical acts. Today, he is forever remembered through the alcoholic beverage “Samuel Adams beer.” Since his father was a brewer it is only right that he is remembered in this way. Now his name is posted on millions of bottles each year, and is remembered for all he has done for his country.





Samuel Adams, American Revolutionary Leader








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You have used good pictures of Sam Adams, but are there any pictures of other events, people, groups that you could add to your wiki?

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Your information about Sam Adams's Personal life is very informative but yet precise.

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Your information is very organized. I like how you have pulled information from many different sources in order to create an accurate picture of Adams' life.

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I like you're wiki. All of your information was well put together and relevant. It's well organized and it looks nice. I think there could have been more interesting information about his personal life that you could have written about.

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I really like the coordination of the similar colors throughout the page. It makes it flow very well and keeps it symetric. The information was also informative, such as his role in early American government. Overall, great page.

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I really like the way your information is organized. It makes everything very easy to follow. All of your links work. This is a great page.

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I thought it was fascinating how his ideas started the Sons of Liberty. The green graphic font really pulled me into the page too. Your organization is truly shown and your pictures are very confirming.

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