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Their are three different types of Down Syndrome: Trisomy 21, Translocation, and Mosaicism.

Trisomy 21 occurs when a extra chromosome comes from either the egg or sperm. 90 to 95% have this case.

Translocation occurs when the extra chromosome attachs itself to another chromsome, But doesnt join the #21. 3% -5% have this case.

Mosaicism occurs when some cells in the body but not all contains the extra #21 chromosome. 2%-5% have this case.

Their is nothing that can be done so far to prevent Down Syndrome.

Physical characteristics:

  • Hypotonia. (Poor muscle tone)
  • Weak cry.
  • Broad feet with short toes, and a big space between the big toe.
  • Flat hands with short fingers, single crease across palm, and the pinky turns inward.
  • Arms and Legs are short compared to the rest of the body.
  • Tongue protrudes, mouth is small, and lips are thin.
  • ears are small, abnormal shaped, and are set low.
  • Fontanels are Large.
  • Head is small.
  • Face is flat.
  • Smaller eys then normal.


Very high medical problems: Infections, Heart defects, Respirtory problems, digestive problems. 



Quotes from people with Down Syndrome




"When I was born, and the doctors told my mother I had Down syndrome, they told her I would never be able to do much of anything' I hope that in the future, doctors will tell parents of children who have Down syndrome to give them a chance to encourage them to be whatever they want to be." John Taylor, USA




People with down Syndrome are just like regular people. You should not judge them just cause they have different looks then the rest of the people. Some people with Down Syndrome are afarid to do things because they are scared they will get made fun of.

"My message to all of you is to keep your minds open to the idea that we should be able to make our own choices. If young people with Down syndrome are given opportunities to have many experiences in life, we will be better prepared to make decisions for ourselves. My advice to you is to encourage children and adults with Down syndrome with their dreams and goals and to believe that success comes from believing in ourselves." Mitchell Levitz, USA


"My Mum asked me the other day, 'How do you feel about having Down syndrome?' I said, 'Great. I feel good about myself'. She then asked me another question, 'What do you think people should know about Down syndrome?' I thought about that one for a while because there are lots of things to know, but the first thing is that I am a human being, who has the same feelings like everyone else. But the most important thing of all is that I like to be treated like every other member of the community." Gabrielle Clark, Australia



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