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History of Down Syndrome Eckert

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The History of Down Syndrome


The History behind the discovery, tests were given to pregnant women to find out if their child would have a defect such as Down Syndrome. One in 1,000 American baby's are born with Down Syndrome. Most Mother's that find out early that their baby will have a Genetic Disorder such as Down Syndrome will choose to have an Abortion. Most Mother's that find out that their baby will have a Disorder is scared to keep it becasue they think they wont have the patience for that baby. How to find out if your baby will have Down Syndrome such as Trisomy 21. If one parent has two chromosomes at chromosome #21 instead of one, it's causing the child to have two chromosomes from one parent and one from the other parent, givng the child 3 chromosomes from both parents and giving the child 47 chromosomes instead of 46. Also Mosaic syndrome disorder is when chromosome 21 gets damaged during cell replication, and two chromosomes becomes three in a cell. When this occurs some have 47 chromosomes and others have 46, so it wont be so severe. Translocation occurs when a normal chromosome breaks into two pieces and attachs to another chormosome. Smoking while on birth control will give you a greater risk of having a child with Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome is very common for any birth defect.


People with down syndrome are more likely to have these following health conditions then people without down syndrome:

Heart defects, intestinal defects, vision problems, hearing loss, thyroid problems, leukemia, memory loss.



The risk of having a baby with down syndrome is at a higher risk when you have a baby when your older

At age 25, 1 in 1,250

30, 1 in 1,00

35, 1 400

40 1 in 100

45, 1 in 30 



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