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Famous People eckert

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Famous People


Little People Big World family - By watching this show i see how their lives are different. Theyve made their house specially different for the three family members with achondroplasia. Theyve made their kitchen counter shorter so the mom can cook. Their lives arent really any different than ours cause they still drive and do everything we do. The son with achondroplasia has trouble cause he loves to play soccer but he cant keep up with regular kids so he plays on a team with other people with achondroplasia.

Verne Troyer - Verne Troyer is pretty normal. He is in the austin powers movies and has been seen in commercials and reality tv shows.

Wee man - Wee man is on an mtv show with a whole bunch of guys who do stupid stunts and do stupid jokes to each other. Wee man can skateboard like a regular person and he seems pretty normal. He has also been on reality tv shows.

Tony Cox - He has been in several movies and he is a comedian.

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