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Tourettes Eckert

Page history last edited by Oeyvind Dypvik 14 years, 4 months ago


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   Tourette Syndrome  Also known as Tourettes disorder, GTS,

 Gilles de la Tourette syndrom or more commonly, simply Tourette's or TS


            George Gilles de la Tourette       [1]

- It was discovered in 1885 by a french neuologist Dr. George Gilles de la Tourette, he described an 86 year old french noble woman with the condition.


- It is estimated that 100 000 Americans have "full blown" Tourettes Syndrome.


- Perhaps 1 in 200 show partial symptoms of this disorder such as transient childhood tics or chronic multiple tics.                   [2] 






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rryoung@... said

at 11:16 am on Jan 8, 2010

Great start! I like the setup of your first page. Remember to change the Works Cited to the new format that we talked about today.

jgeckert@avon-schools.org said

at 9:25 pm on Jan 12, 2010

Time for details. You have this page set up nicely. You should also add footnotes for specific citations, but the work cited page is a nice way to have all the references together. Don't forget the section of treatment/research etc. You have a lot of work to do, but I know you have some things written down. I just need to see it here. You seem to be working well together and I think you will end up with a nice project if you get the details done.

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