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Hemophilia Eckert

Page history last edited by jgeckert@avon-schools.org 13 years, 4 months ago

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Link to Genetics of Hemophilia 








Signs and Symptoms 


 Hemophilia is a disorder of your blood-clotting system. clotting is the process by which your blood changes from a liquid to a soild state in order to stop the bleeding.

Comments (6)

rryoung@... said

at 11:08 am on Jan 8, 2010

It might be good to put a heading and a picture on this page. I like how you've linked to another page -- that's good! Remember to tell where you got your information by citing it. Great start!

jgeckert@avon-schools.org said

at 9:00 pm on Jan 12, 2010

I would like to see some kind of description and introduction of your disorder on this page. The picture is a nice touch.

jgeckert@avon-schools.org said

at 9:07 pm on Jan 12, 2010

I see a lot of work on here by Matt, but nothing by Kelly and Sylvia. Time for some team work.

jgeckert@avon-schools.org said

at 9:50 pm on Jan 14, 2010

Try to move your description about your link and have it justified to the left. That will make it look a little nicer. You could also make your font a little bigger here.

jgeckert@avon-schools.org said

at 9:55 pm on Jan 14, 2010

I know Sylvia and Kelly did a bunch of work on this on Wednesday, but I don't see any links to the pages.

jgeckert@avon-schools.org said

at 11:50 am on Jan 18, 2010

I found Kelly's page and made a link, but cannot find Sylvia's work. You all need to work together and make all parts linked.

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